Music Preview: Muse @ Wembley

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Music Preview: Muse @ Wembley

Read our review of Saturday's Muse show here.

George Michael may have been the first artist to play Wembley last weekend, however two of the most significant new shows at Wembley is set to be Muse’s two night stand at the stadium this weekend. Fans have been waiting for 9 months since tickets first went on sale, and now this weekend it seems that some of the most impressive gigs to ever hit Wembley are upon us.

Muse have never been a band to simply stand there and play, and they’ve promised a simply epic show. Matt Bellamy commented in the NME earlier this year that: “I'd like to bungee jump off the arch, but I think Health and Safety might say something about that.” Either way, we can expect a show much more spectacular than George Michael’s inclusion of cartoons on big screens.

Controversially, their support is a very mixed bag. Saturday sees Rodrigo Y Gabriella, the Mexican acoustic guitar duo; Dirty Pretty Things and The Streets take to the stage, whilst Sunday sees Shy Child, Biffy Clyro and My Chemical Romance. As can be expected, the inclusion of My Chemical Romance caused some very upset fans; however so did The Streets inclusion on Saturday, so all’s fair.

There are still a few tickets left for both the Saturday and the Sunday, seated and standing, so if you want a last minute buy then pop along to seetickets or any one of the other reputable sellers online.

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I saw Muse last year at the MEN (all standing tickets at Earl's Court had sold out) and it was simply brilliant - amazing light show. In fact, I am tempted to go again - sixth time lucky ... hmm.

I'd want to get standing tickets, not seated, though - I had a seat for the Earl's Court gig and it just felt wrong.


Hmmm not sure about this article - the only reason you would write the headline Preview: Muse at Wembley is if you want tickets.

Phil Singer

Doktored: I already have my four seated tickets :) I got them at 9am on the day they went on sale. Should be a great gig - there are still tickets on sale for those who want to go though, which was why I wrote a preview - so people who want to go can go.


Well I apologise. And you are right it will be a great show of course. Funny how this little radiohead ripoff three piece turned into this MASSIVE stadium rock band. Think their pretty good really. I shall however give it a miss prefer my gigs small and dirty.


Just back from the gig. I wish I could say they were ace, cos they are, really, it's just, if you sit at the back of the stadium you're totally disconnected from the band and the atmosphere. The boys are 2cm tall and you may just as well be at home watching the video feed on your sofa. Still love Muse but what a disappointing gig.

Mike Skinner was ace, though. And Wembley has good ladies loos.