London Lit Plus

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London Lit Plus

London Lit Plus?...Plus what?

No, you misunderstand. It's like the London Literature Festival. With knobs on.

What, you mean your line-up's full of Daily Express columnists?

No, you misunderstand again. This time for weak comedy effect, I should wager.

So what is London Lit Plus?

It's an open literary festival running from 29 June to 13 July.

Hang on. Those are the same dates as the London Literature Festival. Are you sure you're not the same Festival? Have you got all confused?

Not at all. We are definitely a different festival. Look, we have a different banner and everything.

So what's your USP?

You just wanted to show off that you know the abbreviation USP, didn't you?


Well, our unique selling point is that we're 'open', non-commercial and have no agenda other than to showcase the myriad of literary events that happen every week in London, but are frequently overlooked.

You used some mighty long words there.

We're a literary festival.

So who's it for?

Anyone with a love of literature. And anyone can sign up to run a literary event under our banner.


Yes, anyone.

Even Daily Express columnists?

Absolutely. As long as they stick to the rules.

Which are?

The event must be literary, it must be within the M25, and it must be taking place between the 29th of June and the 13th of July 2007.

Ooo, who's signed up?

Well, around 20 events are registered already. From poetry readings to spooky walks.

How do I get involved?

Well, obviously, check out our main web site. We're also on MySpace and Facebook.

Get you.

Yes. Get us.

Last Updated 15 June 2007