The Biggest Mystery Of All

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The Biggest Mystery Of All


There are a lot of unsolved mysteries in London. Who was Jack the Ripper? Why can't they figure out a way to keep the tube cool in the summer? Why is London so depressingly expensive? Does anyone really like the 2012 Olympic logo?

And the biggest mystery of them all: who threw a pair of trainers over a telephone wire in Gander Green Lane, Sutton?

This Is Local London is on a mission to solve the mystery. If you've been wildly flinging your shoes in the air in the area, and lost track of them, you should probably get in touch. They've come up with lots of theories, from gang warfare to end of school hijinks. If you're the shoe flinger, they'll be really happy to hear from you.

Image taken from donnamatrix's Flickr photo stream

Last Updated 19 June 2007