Club Review: It's All About Me, Me, Meeeee…

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Club Review: It's All About Me, Me, Meeeee…

It's not often we get invited to lavish, invitation-only launch parties. So we couldn't say no when we received a summons to No.5 Cavendish Square.

"All About YOU is the party supreme to celebrate your weekend in sophisticated and stylish glamour."

Everyone wants to celebrate the weekend. So that is why we were all dressed up and ready to go with a lipgloss in the purse and Fergie singing Glamorous in the iPod.

The entrance to No.5 is hard to spot (luckily we had a map). The external decorations (or lack of them) certainly were nowhere near the bling-bling of the familiar Soho clubs. In fact, there seemed to be a cow on the next building’s balcony. Yes, a cow! We saw it with our own eyes and we hadn’t had a drink yet.

At the door we were greeted by Miss D'trich, one of the hosts, who proffered our free drinks (one per person) in the ground floor bar before we decended to the basement nightclub, where the party would continue.

The interior of No.5 was extravagant – red velvet, fresh flowers and art aplenty. Comfortable chairs and sofas, a fireplace in the ground floor bar – all very cosy.

The staff, in matching outfits, were attentive but not too pushy. The clientele was international and consisted of invited party people and employees from nearby companies relaxing after a hard day at work.

We also had a chance to go and see other parts of this building, including the cigar bar (pictured at top), private dining area and restaurant. We also learned that No.5 offers 8 bedrooms and suites, with plans to add 2 more into the selection.


The evening continued in the Members’ Nightclub, in the basement, where we got a sneek at the VIP lounge (pictured to the right). When the dancefloor wasn’t crowded, multimedia exhibitions were streamed to the walls or ceiling. The music before midnight was not something that we are used to dancing to. It reminded us of jungles, rainforests and dolphins. About being in a spa inside a seaweed wrap, cucumber slices on top of closed eyelids, someone gently massaging your shoulders and whispering to your ear ’Relax!’. Certainly different from our usual night out to the local pub. But also expensive. What do you think about paying £32 for two double-vodkas with lemonade?

After the exciting evening, the trip back home went smoothly in our own chauffeured transport: the London Bus.

Future All About YOU-related Friday events in May at No.5 are:

- May 11th: Spring Rolls On

- May 18th: Can You Ear It

- May 25th: Spinning around

By Katja Nykänen

Image taken from catya_maria007's Flickr photostream.

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