Touch Up London #40

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Touch Up London #40

We're delighted to present the first in a series of touch-ups from the Something Awful forums.

Each day this week, we'll post another image from this talented pool of photoshoppers. We'd like you to vote for your favourites by clicking the 'recommend this' link at the bottom of any image that makes you smirk.

We'll be awarding a small prize to whoever gets the most votes and will announce the winner next week.

Today, artist, 'esc' claims 'I've never been to London, but I'd imagine it's something like this'.

No monarch has entered the House of Commons since 1642 (some kind of spat between king and parliament called the Civil War, apparently). Looks like Liz is about to end all that by ramming her august fist into the lower house.

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Last Updated 17 April 2007