Another Silly Record Attempt

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Another Silly Record Attempt

What were we saying? What were we saying?

The Guinness Book of Records, or whatever it calls itself these days, seems to be degenerating into a compendium of stunts and antics.

Dedication's what you need? No. What you need is a product to sell and a proactive marketing department. (The virtual lawyers tell us to add the phrase 'in our flippant opinion' here.)

To strengthen our case, uktv GOLD are staging a world-record attempt on the biggest ever simultaneous space hopper bounce (Millennium Bridge, Sunday, 10am).

Let's check our most up-to-date edition (2004) to see what the existing record stands at. Oh, there isn't an existing record. How odd. But we do find the world's largest container of body cream (stunt by Nivea) and the world's largest beermat (promotion by Carlsberg).

This is crap. Can anyone just make up a record for the purposes of self-promotion? If so, we demand a listing for being the most-read blog in the world to use #D8DED3 as its background colour.

Norris McWhirter would be turning on his Spot.

Thanks to Tim Bradshaw for the space hopper lead.

Last Updated 10 April 2007


now, here's interesting. i'm holidaying in Swansea (still keeping in touch with the smoke via the free guest-house wifi) and in their local paper they have an article about a giant multiple record breaking attempt here in the summer.

one of their record breaking attempts on June 24th will be ... 'most people bouncing on SPace Hoppers for one minute'. A record they claim is currently "a total of 551 people bounced simultaneously on Space Hoppers for one minute at St Stephen's CofE school, Bath on July 19th 2003"

to quote a great man - what are the chances of that?

Glen Poole

And guess what - I'm organising an attempt at the same record in Brighton in May as part of the Bounce Your Balls testicular cancer campaign


Stewart Davies

An advertising stunt it may have been but there's no need to be bitter.

It was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday morning. Lots of laughing, smiling and bouncing.