Tower of London needs UN protection?

By sizemore Last edited 142 months ago
Tower of London needs UN protection?

You'd think a burly contingent of live in Beef Eaters would be enough to defend The Tower of London from attack, but it seems no one took into account the overwhelming destructive power unleashed by property developers.

Plans to stop developers putting up ugly buildings near Britain's heritage sites have been unveiled. Britain's 27 World Heritage Sites, including the Tower of London, are not formally protected by planning laws. But the government is now proposing to put buffer zones around them, in an attempt to prevent the tower being put on a UN blacklist of endangered sites.

Now while we know it may be a tad embarrassing to have the only world heritage site building in the developed world to be declared "at risk" we reckon having a cordon of Blue Helmets around the Tower would be awesome. Let's see an estate agent in a crappy little wank mobile outrun a UN personnel carrier.

In a separate move, Westminster City Council is urging the UN to protect the Palace of Westminster.

This is getting a bit silly. Why not just throw all property developers up before the Hague and have done with it. The council is worried about Ken and the impact that his plans for new buildings will have. We're hoping for a series of leaning landmarks that tip over in high winds and almost touch the tip of the Palace before springing back, just to wind the council up.

Last Updated 09 March 2007