So (long) London, we hardly knew you

By sizemore Last edited 207 months ago

Last Updated 29 March 2007

So (long) London, we hardly knew you

It was only a couple of weekends ago that we first mentioned So London magazine, but it's already crashed and burned:

So London, the upmarket weekly magazine targeting the affluent in the capital, has ceased publication after just two issues. The magazine launched with a fanfare this month, stating that it would deliver its readers with shameless luxury, but that promise has proven to be short-lived.

We never got around to reading it - we tried, but only got as far as Kerrang! in Borders and then had a heated discussion with a 14 year old in a Nirvana shirt about how Manowar's 'Blow Your Speakers' has more to say for itself than 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.

So erm yeah, the magazine that targeted the wealthy has been pulped. Perhaps the better-offs just have better things to do than read. Or maybe the title wasn't specific enough for them. Here are five titles that we would have put on the table:

Filthy Fucking Rich


So (You Want To Kick All The Immigrants Out of) London

I'm So Rich I Could Have You Killed For Even Looking At My Magazine

Socialist Worker

Ok, we're not so sure about that last one.