Salmon to replace used condoms and the odd corpse

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Salmon to replace used condoms and the odd corpse

200 years of keeping the bastards at bay have all come to naught - the salmon are back:

Salmon have been introduced to the River Thames after experts declared the water clean enough for the fish to breed - after almost 200 years. The young salmon, were released into the Thames tributary, Lambourne river, at Welford, near Newbury, Berks. Thames salmon died out in the 1830s, with salmon from other sources, which do not breed there, present from 1974, the Environment Agency (EA) said. It is hoped a salmon population will be back in the River Thames in 5-10 years.

You would have thought after what happened to the whale, the salmon would have more sense, but the upper-class-tuna have plans to settle down. Well, as much as fish can:

An EA spokesperson said the new salmon should stay in the river for a year before heading downstream through London, and up to Greenland before coming back to breed.

Oddly enough that's almost exactly how most of the Londonist team settled here.

Last Updated 26 March 2007