Moleskine has a posse

By sizemore Last edited 142 months ago
Moleskine has a posse

We love London and we love blogging so it's always nice to see a new Londony blog enter the fold. Especially when it has a connection with one of our favourite things - the moleskine.

Check out the intro on Flickr and then head over to the London section of Moleskine City.

This is a new meeting place, wanted by Moleskine and open to free participation.

It is connected to the City Notebooks, the first guide you write yourself. The Moleskine team, our best consultants and Moleskine friends are working on the Moleskinecity blogs, which are dedicated to the city, its travellers, residents and independent and free thinking people.

Each city blog features updates, curiosities, traveller experiences and links to other blogs and communities. The first city blogs, London, Paris, Rome and Milan will be on line from next week.

In the meantime, we want you to join us, know your personal points of view, exchange information, discover your urban paths, your interests, your itineraries.

Thanks to Mex for the heads up.

Last Updated 21 March 2007