Local Paper compares Footy mishap to Gang Rape

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Local Paper compares Footy mishap to Gang Rape

That was the headline that greeted readers of Tom Duncan's column in the Newham Recorder last week.

His comparison of watching a football team under perform to watching a loved one gang raped is undoubtedly the crassest and most offensive local news headline we've ever seen. The story was picked up on a Leyton Orient FC message board where fans showed their disgust at the article and rallied a bevy of complaints to the paper and the Press Complaints Commission.

Today the message board carried a copy of Tom Duncan's apology:


As one board member points out:

That is a pathetic response and not an apology in any respect. In fact, it's a criticism of all those that complained

The fact that so many passionate football fans think Mr Duncan is a dick for sidestepping what would have been a simple retraction and apology makes a mockery of his reply.

We're pretty certain that the trivialisation of gang rape is something that many will feel strongly enough about to continue with their complaints to the paper's editor, despite Mr Duncan's sadness and disappointment in them.

Thanks to Tom Steel for the story.

Last Updated 07 March 2007