Help the Police

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Help the Police

Remember Adam from Adam & Joe fame? He popped up and popped off in Hot Fuzz (which also has a nice NWA gag). Well now he's part of a new show on the way called Rush Hour which the BBC describes thus:

a brand-new comedy sketch show focusing on the all-too-familiar, annoying grind of being stuck in a traffic jam. Set during the daily scrum, where everyone seems to want to get to where no one really wants to go, Rush Hour dips into the lives of the disturbed drivers and peculiar passengers as they argue, flirt and bicker their way through their journeys.

More about the show here. On his blog Adam says:

one of the sketches I wrote featuring a character called Rock Dad who tries to indoctrinate his young son with his musical tastes (although I think the idea for using NWA came from either producer/writer Neil Webster or Charlie Brooker who works out of Zeppotron too) . I think it’s worked out nicely.

Last Updated 08 March 2007