From Shagged to Shaggy

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From Shagged to Shaggy

Billie Piper is all set to slip into Belle de Jour's gusset! Here's the scoop direct from the diary of a London call girl:

Finally - it's official - Billie's on board, and you can expect to see Belle the series on ITV2 this autumn. I couldn't be more excited, and I know the writers and actors and everyone else will do a great job. Hurrah!

Hurrah! indeed. Now all the people who have trouble with words can settle down for the visuals. After the pants-tastic Primeval ITV are on a lecherous roll. And now that blogs have been rifled for books (please someone come up with a better word than 'blooks') are blogs as TV shows the next big thing?

Speaking of blogs and books and seeing as it's red nose day we will happily send you off in the direction of Troubled Diva's Shaggy Blog Stories:

100 bloggers have published a book to raise funds of the BBC's Comic Relief appeal on Friday 16th March. 'Shaggy Blog Stories' features hilarious contributions from Richard Herring of 'Fist of Fun' fame, BBC 6Music presenter Andrew Collins, comedian Emma Kennedy, and James Henry, scriptwriter from Channel Four's 'The Green Wing'. Authors Abby Lee, David Belbin, Catherine Sanderson and The Guardian's Anna Pickard have also contributed pieces to the book. The vast majority of contributions, however, are the work of many of the lesser known and unfamiliar heroes of British blogging; going under pen names such as Diamond Geezer, Scaryduck, Pandemian and Unreliable Witness.

And turned around in a mere seven days! Go buy a copy. And while you're at it head over to our friend Misty's Comic Relief Auction!

Last Updated 16 March 2007