Doctor Flu

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Doctor Flu

A doctor has been struck off for over reacting at Heathrow:

A doctor who boarded a plane in protective goggles, overalls, gloves and overshoes, alarming passengers over the Sars virus, has been struck off. The General Medical Council had found Dr Egidius Panis guilty of inappropriate conduct, and suspended his registration with immediate effect. The 49-year-old, of Barming, Kent, boarded the plane from Hong Kong to diagnose a man with a sneeze and cough.

Doctor or not, over cautious or not, we still believe that Egidius is the best name ever. It actually makes us want to get someone pregnant during the lunch hour just so we can use the name in 9 months time.

Egidius also had a flare for panicking over tsunami coffins. If this was a bad sci fi film we'd all pay the ultimate price for refusing to take heed of Egidius' warnings, but being real life it just means he has to look for a new line of work. At least he has a great name to make his CV stand out.

If we were Egidius though we'd leave off the bits about alleged "inappropriate" breast examination on a young student while checking her for tuberculosis and accusations of forging his manager's signature on reports and trying to bully two of his bosses after they asked for explanations for his eccentric behaviour.

There's more alleged weirdness here including mention of odd cartoons, one of which featured Dr Panis's own face, with the word OK written across his forehead.

Last Updated 09 March 2007