Tower Bridge Speeders Have To Pay Up

By sizemore Last edited 145 months ago
Tower Bridge Speeders Have To Pay Up

Another blow for drivers as a test case regarding speeding over Tower Bridge has ruled against the motorists involved:

Thousands of drivers are facing fines of up to £150 for speeding on London's Tower Bridge. Ruling on a test case, the High Court dismissed the defendants' challenge that the speed-limit signs on the bridge were not legal.

The thin borders around the signs apparently made them invisible, but the judge was having none of that. Bad news for the six drivers in court and a fair few others besides:

the six motorists should pay £1,500 towards the prosecution's costs. City magistrate Simon Walsh said: "About 10,000 summonses are waiting to be processed. They were put on hold pending these test cases which have been rambling on for well over a year." He added that motorists breaking the speed restriction could now be fined between £100 and £150 and would get three penalty points on their driving licences.

With the cat out of the bag over news that congestion has increased since congestion charging was brought in, we expect the name of the C Charge to change to Crucifixion Charge. Forget to pay the toll and we nail you up for a day. Tower Bridge would then be free to open and drop speeding cars into the Thames where they belong. TFL sniper units should also help in what is now open warfare on wheel grabbers and exhaust junkies.

Last Updated 14 February 2007