Tony Blair, the BNP and Civil War

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Tony Blair, the BNP and Civil War

Crazy story in The Independent today:

A former British National Party election candidate who stockpiled explosive chemicals for use in an anticipated civil war in Britain boasted that he would shoot Tony Blair... Police raided the home of Robert Cottage, who held "strong views on immigration", and found 21 types of chemicals which could create explosives when mixed together, along with a 300-page computer document called the "Anarchy Cookbook", which detailed how to make different types of bombs. Four air pistols and a number of crossbows with ammunition and ball bearings, which the prosecution claim could be used as shrapnel for explosive devices, were also seized. Mr Cottage's wife had told police how he wanted to shoot Mr Blair and the Liberal Democrat peer Lord Greaves and that his views had become more extreme since he joined the BNP.

Seems Cottage (allegedly) was convinced we were heading for a civil war. Presumably with the BNP and the like on one side and everyone who isn't a fucking tool on the other.

Mr Cottage was described as a "very religious" man who would "regularly quote from the Bible and read it every other day". Mrs Cottage said in interviews: "Robert believes there will be a civil war. This is why he keep a crossbow. He blames the Government for letting illegal immigrants into the country."

Cottage (allegedly) hooked up with a fellow nutjob, David Jackson, via their BNP meetings. He too (allegedly) had a fancy for bows and arrows, but was also (allegedly) kitted out with two nuclear protection suits.

We are not sure how much of an (alleged) threat the two posed. Being from darkest Lancashire they would have never navigated London very well (probably). Without a decent pie shop and no real gravy to be found within the M25 (FACT!) the two would probably have collapsed from hunger (and possible bewilderment at the sorcery of electricity and horseless carriages) well before getting too close to Downing Street. Especially if they were wearing the alleged hazmat suits and carrying cumbersome alleged medieval weaponry.


Note: Post slightly amended after legal advice. The trial continues

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