Slavery Abolition Commemoration in Jeopardy

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Slavery Abolition Commemoration in Jeopardy

The London commemoration of the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade is on shaky ground after an argument over who should pay for it:

The Mayor of London included £200,000 in his draft budget for this financial year to commemorate the event.

But Assembly member Angie Bray said the £275,000 earmarked for the occasion should be cut because it would be better paid for by central government.

Mr Livingstone said an attempt to cut the commemoration is "unforgivable".

So far 'central government' doesn't look like it's going to dig deep so if Ken doesn't pay the event could be cancelled. It's safe to say he's not happy:

"I will do everything in my power to keep this commemoration as a key event in London's calendar this year. The transatlantic slave trade was a racial crime on huge proportions and London's involvement was both longer and deeper than any other British city. It is right that London commemorates what happened".

Seeing as Ken already has the budget set aside wouldn't it make sense for the event to go ahead as planned? Then if the money comes from elsewhere at the last minute... great. The final vote takes place on Valentine's Day.

Last Updated 02 February 2007