Mile-high Towers For London?

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Mile-high Towers For London?

Well, no. This is almost certainly a PR stunt (possibly inspired by our Touch Up London series) and not a likely development. But an interesting concept nevertheless.


The images are by Popularchitecture (and please don't click that link; of all the twatish, unhelpful websites from architecture firms, this takes some beating). Bold as brass, the company are planning mile-high towers in London, each capable of housing 100,000 people.

At the centre of the structure would be a ‘vast internal void’ lit by circular openings every 20 storeys. Each of these ‘holes’ would be used as either public squares or for specialist activities such as ice skating, botanic gardens or swimming pools.

Or, as skyscrapernews suggests, shark tanks for James Bond baddies to drop secret agents into.

Practice founder Tom Teatum

admits the scheme’s scale is verging on ‘almost unbelievable proportions’ but insists there are developers who are interested, ‘in particular because of minimal land value in relation to accommodation’.

Yeah, right. And English Heritage are going to be very interested too. Although it would give them a new ivory tower to sit in.


Last Updated 16 February 2007