Kylie's T&A coverings get V&A show

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Kylie's T&A coverings get V&A show

Everyone loves Kylie (well apart from this guy). Oh and maybe anyone who paid good money to see The Delinquents. Which we did. God we're old. Now as far as Londonist is concerned the best thing Ms Minogue did since leaving Neighbours was to be killed by Nick Cave in the video for 'Where the Wild Roses Grow'.

But she knows how to wear a dress. Or pieces of dress. Or sometimes just a hood. And now you can go see all the exciting pieces of cloth without the diminutive Aussie getting in the way:

An exhibition of Kylie Minogue's stage costumes, awards and accessories has been launched in central London. The display at the Victoria and Albert Museum shows her continually changing image from 1987 onwards.

You'll be able to see the outfit she wore when she twirled around that time and even more exciting will be the chance to catch a glimpse of the thing she wore when she did that thing with her head that time in that video. Cool. For some reason they aren't showing the costume she wore in Streetfighter. Boo.

But even Kylie is excited by the chance to see some of the stuff from the back of her own wardrobe:

"I can't believe there are disco balls and glitter at the V&A - but I, for one, think it looks fabulous."

The exhibition opens tomorrow until June after which all the clothes will be thrown into a large skip. Or maybe go on tour. Or get their own reality tv show. Especially if the same guy who abused her waxworkings gets inside and sniffs everything.

Last Updated 07 February 2007