Ken to get Power Upgrade?

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Ken to get Power Upgrade?

Great Alexander Wept, And Made Sad Mone, Because There Was But One World To Be Wonne...

Having conquered all those within his borders Ken is now looking off the map to see what new dogs can be crushed under his iron heel:

Rail commuters outside London face having their fares and services dictated by Ken Livingstone, the capital’s mayor, under proposals drawn up by the Government. The Department for Transport is expected to announce shortly whether it will press ahead with the scheme to extend the London mayor’s power over trains in the surrounding home counties. This has prompted fears among Tory MPs that Mr Livingstone will hike up the fares of those coming into London from satellite towns to subsidise commuters living within the city itself.

We hear there's also a chance that the heads of those who oppose him will be staked up over London Bridge.

The Conservatives especially are gnashing their teeth over this one:

Even the more modest alternative would, at least as far as rail services are concerned, extend his empire to a number of stations including , Epsom, Windsor, St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, Shenfield and Grays. “It is a pretty sly thing,” said Michael Fallon, Conservative MP for Sevenoaks. “You could have Livingstone protecting fares for people who are his constituents at the expense of people who are not. “The proposals would give the mayor the power to set fares and services for my constituents, but they do not get the chance to vote for who should be London’s mayor. “Transport for London want this, they want to use the revenue from people coming in from the Home Counties to subsidise projects inside London. They see commuters as a milch cow.”

Milch cow: one who is easily tricked out of his property; a term used by gaolers, for prisoners who have money and bleed freely. (Definition taken from The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, originally by Francis Grose).

We completely and utterly disagree with the opposition on this one:

1. We live in London under the protection of good King Ken and to hell with the outsiders and their filthy ways.

2. This has nothing to do with the archers that Ken has deployed atop City Hall pointing their bows in the direction of the Londonist HQ.

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