Dirty Dancing

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Dirty Dancing

Congratulations to James Derbyshire and Julia Boggio on their wedding and the fact that their video is all over the Interwebs. No, not that kind of video. The 'dirty' kind:

From the comments the video is getting, depending on your own sappy git to heartless bastard ratio, that was either Just beautiful or This is some embarresing shit right here. Absolutely Cringeworthy [sic].

We doubt the happy couple care too much, as Julia (a wedding photographer from Wimbledon, London - hence our excuse for posting it) explains:

"I knew that when we got married I wanted our personalities to come out. We wanted to make everyone laugh."

Mission accomplished we'd say. We have no idea how well James gets on with his new in-laws but do wonder if he had to rescue his bride-to-be from a secluded church pew with the line "Nobody puts Julia in the corner..."

Now we have the inspiration we need to conduct our own wedding based on our favourite movie from 1987; Lethal Weapon:

Priest: Okay, clown, no bullshit! You wanna get married?

Bride: Oh, for Chriss-...

Priest: Shut up! Yes or no - you wanna get wed?

Bride: What the hell do you want?


Groom: I'm too old for this shit.

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