Branson's Spaceship At The Science Museum

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Branson's Spaceship At The Science Museum

Space is the Virgin frontier. Richard Branson's much-publicised rocketship business, Virgin Galactic, is well into the development phase and should be launching next year for test flights.

But if you can't quite afford the £100,000 asking price for a trip beyond the atmosphere, you can settle for a sneak preview of the ship at the Science Museum. Well, so the PR says. In fact, it's just a mock-up of the interior decor, designed by Seymour Powell. The spaceship proper won't be unveiled until later this year.

Still, it'll make an interesting and educational diversion for the kids while the space gallery remains closed for refurb.

Experts from Virgin Galactic will be on hand to answer questions from visitors and give presentations to visitors over half-term on hot topics such as gravity‚ weightlessness‚ G-Force‚ the principles of space flights and rocket science as well as health‚ training and environmental issues.

Branson also recently launched Virgin Healthbank - a repository for umbilical cord stem cells. We'd like to humbly suggest they do a similar roadshow with this company. Stem cells might carry less of a gee whiz factor than spaceships, but they are much more important to everyday joes. Virgin, as a high-profile and charasmatic company, are well placed to teach us all more about this important 21st century technology.

Last Updated 16 February 2007