BFI Archive to Open!

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BFI Archive to Open!

The best news we've heard in ages:

Britain's national film and television archive is to be opened up in order for it to be accessed by the public. Visitors to the British Film Institute (BFI), which is in London, will be able to choose items from the collection and watch them free of charge.

There was a time before utter shit like Strictly Come Dancing and reality TV smeared itself across our screens that British television was the envy of the world. Sadly a lot of it never gets repeated or released on DVD and just sits gathering dust in vaults (or sheds) unless the BBC accidentally tape over it.

That we finally get a chance to review our own televisual history is very exciting. And who knows, maybe making some excellent TV available to the masses will raise expectations a jot higher than hoping Jeremy Beadle gets eaten in a jungle or Jade stabs someone in the face.

Items range from footage of the Queen's coronation to early scenes from long-running soap Coronation Street

Screw that crap. Give us the Quatermass! Give us Doomwatch! And what about the 20 surviving episodes of Out of the Unknown? We want our vintage sci fi!

Last Updated 22 February 2007