Aiming for Fourth Place at Any Cost

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Aiming for Fourth Place at Any Cost

British Olympic chiefs will not be swayed by anyone (their own sports experts) or anything (the facts) in their conviction that we will come fourth in the medal table in 2012. What's one lower down than bronze? oh yeah. Fuck all.

"We're totally committed to fourth place - and I believe we can deliver it. We have a unique opportunity as the host nation in 2012, and the funding is there to match our aspirations."

So we have the city and some cash. How does that translate into being any good at sport again?

Former GB athletics great Colin Jackson has said it would take a "miracle" for Britain to win a single track and field gold in 2012.

And it's not just running and throwing things that we suck at. We've dropped from 1st place to 12th at cycling. Perhaps the expanding congestion charge is to make us all more proficient at bike riding? Better still, forget the expensive VeloPark and just change the cycling events to a morning commute. We'd rule at that.

In the eyes of the man or woman on the street, London 2012 will not be judged a success by how good the transport plan is, or how beautiful the venues look, but by how many medals are hanging round British necks

Medals. Or ropes. We're not fussed.

Last Updated 21 February 2007