You've Got Terror Mail!

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You've Got Terror Mail!

Poor old MI5. It's never really been the same since Tom left - Danny got shot in the head and Zoe shacked up with some git in Chile. Some people insist that Spooks is more fictional drama than documentary, but we find it comforting to believe that Peter Firth is actually in charge of stopping us getting exploded and stuff. Sometimes though we have our doubts. Would Harry really think that sending out terror alert emails was a good idea?

MI5 launched a new email alert service on Tuesday to warn the public about changes in the security threat level. Internet users will be able to register on the MI5 web site to receive automatic electronic updates in their email inboxes.

The last time we looked at the MI5 website we had a strange white van with a satellite dish on top parked outside Londonist HQ for a week and noticed that the pizza deliver guy had taken to wearing an ear piece.

We're also a tad worried that it'll be like most gig alerts that we sign up for. By the time your email has arrived the tickets are already sold out and reselling on eBay. With the recent news that the head of MI5 reportedly told MPs the day before the July 7 bombings in London the country faced no imminent terrorist threat we're worried that this will happen:

John: Oh, I just got a terror alert from MI5.

Amy: Ah, that'll explain the mushroom cloud and the giant fireball coming towar...

Last Updated 09 January 2007