You've Got Red On You

By sizemore Last edited 144 months ago
You've Got Red On You

Someone has updated the statue of Sir Winston Churchill standing in Parliament Square:

A statue of Sir Winston Churchill has been attacked by vandals. Red paint was streaked across the stone plinth on which the statue stands... The Metropolitan Police said the incident, which was reported on Sunday afternoon, was being treated as criminal damage.

Well it depends which way you look at it. A splash of colour cheers everyone up and the old goat is hard to miss now. It's not as interesting as the turf-hawk he last sported in 2000 for May Day, but it is sure to sell a few newspapers as the press hit all the outrage buttons on their keyboards.

If this was a statue of the Virgin *cough* Mary we'd have crackpots queuing round the square wanting to dip their ailing bits into the mess. Not sure if Churchill counts as a deity although he was great on that Iron Maiden album.

Could be time to beat the vandals at their own game. Nelson would be even more photogenic with blood dripping down his column and it would only take a little bit of work to install a network of veins into that statue of Thatcher. Imagine the geyser of blood that would ensue the next time someone takes a cricket bat to the old dear...

But if this is the way we treat Churchill can you imagine the crap that is waiting for any future effigy of Blair?

Last Updated 15 January 2007