When Text Attacks

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When Text Attacks

Sorry we're a little thin on the ground today - the servers are still a little hung over.

To change the subject have you seen any floating text messages recently?

The SMS Guerilla Projector is a home made, fully functioning device that enables the user to project text based SMS messages in public spaces, in streets, onto people, inside cinemas, shops, houses… Small, portable, and battery operated, the SMS Guerilla Projector contains a mobile phone which enables the device to receive and project messages from other people.

It's currently being played with around London to quite funny, weird and creepy effect.

Its unpredictability creates a very special and disturbing experience for the people who watch the projection, and invites them to reflect on the content or the implications of the message.

Sounds like fun? You can read about how the projector was first used as a fan pleaser at a Mike Skinner gig here. Get in touch with Troika for more information.


Last Updated 03 January 2007