The Russians Are Coming

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The Russians Are Coming

More Russian intrigue in London as authorities in Moscow ask our police to have a good nose into the death of a Russian businessman:

Authorities in Moscow plan to ask British police to 'carefully look into all the circumstances of the death of Yury Golubev, insofar as there are reasons to assume he died as a result of violent actions,' the news agency cited an unidentified official as saying.

Golubev, 65, was found dead in his London apartment January 7. The Russian emigre had apparently died the previous day, and a postmortem by London police ruled Golubev's death was the result of natural causes.

We obviously didn't think there was much to it initially, but something about the death has got the Russians suspicions aroused... And of course there had to be a link back to the ongoing polonium case:

In a sign of the continuing troubles of other Yukos officials, Moscow last month fingered Leonid Nevzlin, a onetime Yukos CEO, as a possible suspect in the death of Alexander Litvinenko... Russian prosecutors have officially requested London's Scotland Yard detectives unit to allow investigators to fly to London to interrogate over 100 people in connection with the murder.

We're hoping for a Red Heat style buddy team up that will finally crack the case wide open with a witty one liner...

Last Updated 15 January 2007