Panic on the streets of London

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Panic on the streets of London

Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ...

Oh sorry. We were just listening to David Cameron's favourite band, The Smiths. Bit of an odd choice then that he'd settle on Mike 'I'm a Celebrity Vote Me In Here' Read as a candidate for London Mayor:

Mr Read said he was seeking financial backers after being assured by the party he would be taken seriously and not treated as a "lightweight".

There's a first time for everything we suppose.

He said he had also been very encouraged by a meeting with party chairman Francis Maude. "I actually played my own devil's advocate. I told him I don't want to be perceived as a token, lightweight celebrity. I left the door open for him to say 'don't do it, I think you would be too lightweight'." But Mr Maude assured the broadcaster he would be taken seriously and that the party was looking for someone well-known to take on Labour's Mr Livingstone.

Well he's about as well known as any of this year's Celebrity Big Brother contestants (or 'knobbers' as Onionbag calls them). Cameron intends to take the whole thing a step whole flight of stairs lower:

The Conservatives are planning to give Londoners the final say over their candidate later this year in a series of X-Factor-style public votes designed, in the words of leader David Cameron, to "fire the public's imagination".

There's a word for that. Arseon.

Anyone seriously thinking of voting for this guy should check out the last thing he was involved in: England My England.

The songs are Mike Read’s collaboration with some of the most famous writers in English history, including, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Byron, Kipling, Wordsworth WH Auden, John Betjeman and Rupert Brooke.

Fuck. Off.

Last Updated 05 January 2007