Let's hear it for Water Closets and Sewers!

By sizemore Last edited 146 months ago
Let's hear it for Water Closets and Sewers!

If anything calls for a hasty repeat viewing of Carry on at Your Convenience then it's the news that doctors and members of the public have voted public sanitation as the greatest medical breakthrough since 1840.

Sewage disposal and clean water supplies, among other aspects of sanitation, were chosen over 15 key medical advances named in an international poll by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

A shortlist of 15 discoveries was narrowed down to antibiotics, anaesthesia, vaccines, DNA and sanitation before the winner was announced yesterday at an awards ceremony held in London, where leading doctors and scientists championed each milestone.

The humble crapper and everything it connects to won out over stiff competition from anaesthesia and antibiotics.

Probably because you can't read the paper while under anaesthetic and antibiotic gags just aren't as funny as good old fashioned British toilet humour.

Last Updated 18 January 2007