I've started so I'll finish

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I've started so I'll finish

Magnus Magnusson died. What a great name he had. If only he'd been born in the 10th century his starter for ten would have been a Viking axe to the face. As it was the Reykjavik born Magnusson became the UK's grand inquisitor on the original run of the Beeb's Mastermind (as well as an expert on old Icelandic literature hence the pic).

Arguably the most famous winner of Mastermind was a London cabbie by the name of Fred Housego. With a single O level to his name, but a brain filled with facts and figures alongside 'The Knowledge', Fred went on to win in 1980 with the specialist subject The Tower Of London. Magnusson's reaction was priceless:

There will be rejoicing in the ranks tonight!

Other reasons to love Mastermind are the fact that it was devised by an WWII RAF officer who based it on his experiences with the Gestapo(!) and that the familiar theme tune is called Approaching Menace. Deal or No Deal? Get stuffed.

We were hoping to find some epic footage of Magnusson and Housego on YouTube, but the best we could do was some frankly dull footage featuring a Mr. Taggart of Aylestone School in Hereford. So instead here's The Two Ronnies:

And the best of the new Mastermind with John Humphrys:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Douglas Adams, the same girl on HP Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Gormenghast, Christopher Eccleston being grilled by a young Doctor Who fan and the Jade Big Brother Special. While the world's only Jim Carey fan shows us how not to do it.

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