I thought we were going to die now

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I thought we were going to die now

More details have come out from the trial of the men involved in the July 21 failed bomb attack:

Ms Baro told the court: "I was in such a panic. I did not know how a bomb worked and I thought we were going to die now." She said she noticed the person next to her was wearing a rucksack then she heard a bang and something came out of the bag and fell onto the floor. Ms Baro described the substance coming from the rucksack as being like a sponge or a foam with "bits of nails on it", and she could smell something "like the smell of oil".

Firefighter Angus Campbell:

"There was an explosion. It was loud. My first memory was being cowed. I was crouched in my seat and I remember my arm being over my head. I remember looking up and I recall a man I know now as Mr Mohammed was screaming and shouting and there was smoke issuing from his back." After leading Ms Baro away, Mr Campbell returned to where Mr Mohammed was standing. He said: "I was shouting 'what have you done, what have you done?'" He said he saw a sponge-like debris lying smoking on the Tube carriage's floor, and shouted to Mr Mohammed "what is that?". Mr Mohammed replied "this is bread", which Mr Campbell said seemed "nonsensical" to him. Moments later he pulled the emergency alarm lever and the train stopped at Oval station. Mr Campbell said he shouted "don't open the doors" to the driver but seconds later the doors opened and Mr Mohammed ran off.

As well as Mr Campbell several other members of the public did their best to stop Mohammed including a 71-year-old former soldier who pursued him up an escalator!

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