Harder Than It Looks

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Harder Than It Looks

Bit of an odd one this. The BBC are reporting that Scotland Yard's specialist firearms unit are to offer people a chance to see for themselves how difficult their jobs can be. Public relations meets Quake then?

People will test how they would respond in a typical firearms scenario by using laser guns in a video simulation. The test is part of the training plan for specialist CO19 firearms teams. Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghafur said it was important for people to experience a realistic scenario, rather than one fuelled by TV and film images. In the exercise, participants, working in pairs, have to decide whether to shoot armed suspects.

Just armed ones then?

The idea is to replicate the split-second decision making process firearms officers go through when confronted by someone wielding a gun.

No info up on the Met's website about this, but we have emailed C019 to ask if we can have a go.

Trust the Met to take the long road round to get public opinion back in their favour. No need for all this when they could have simply helped promote Hot Fuzz instead. Loads of room for advertising on those yellow jackets...

Photo Credit: Solace in Cinema (blog & Flickr).

Last Updated 03 January 2007