Ferrari to close down London

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Ferrari to close down London

Well a bit of it anyway. Londonist can be a tad hard on motorists so here's a little enginehead news for those who like things that go vroom and indeed whoosh:

The City of London is to be closed down next month to allow Shell to film a new TV commercial to promote its long-standing sponsorship of the Ferrari F1 team. The advertisement, which is reputed to be the world's most expensive, with a production budget close to £2m, will see Ferrari F1 cars racing through a selection of the world's most famous cities including London, New York and Sydney in order to promote Shell's V-Power high-performance fuel.

We take it this will happen over a weekend when the only person found in The City is M@, strolling while listening to the 28 Days Later soundtrack as he makes notes for his back passage posts.

Have fun if you go to watch and be sure to send any photos or video to us. If a car loses control and heads towards you, be sure to scribble our URL on your camera so that you will live on in a hastily written blog post. Cheers.

And thanks to Selvy for the tip!

Last Updated 31 January 2007