Eye Still Standing Tallest

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Eye Still Standing Tallest

We're still number one when it comes to really big wheels. Shanghaiist report that we can relax after plans for a Shanghai-eye bit the dust:

They will remain, for the foreseeable future, the city with the biggest ferris wheel. Pop open the champagne, guys! They have Shanghai to thank. Our idiot city planners have decided to scrap plans to build a "spinning giant"

The Shanghai Star would have stood perhaps as much as a whopping 100 meters higher than our own effort. Just as happens so many times in London though mediocrity has won out over dazzle and the land is now to be used for a... wait for it... office block.

Commiserations to the people of Shanghai, but as our friends point out

plans to build the largest versions of everything else in the world other than ferris wheels are going ahead on schedule.

Shanghai Star is also the name of a weekly English-language newspaper published in the city. Thank the Gods no one thought to name any of our new buildings after The Standard.

Photo credit: pod peeps by Jimbus.org

Last Updated 12 January 2007