Common Sense Nil, Chelsea 170,000

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Common Sense Nil, Chelsea 170,000

Always fancied your own place in Chelsea, but were under the impression the postcode was too far expensive to even bother looking? Well think again:

A flat roughly the size of a snooker table has gone on sale for £170,000 in London's upmarket Chelsea.

The former janitor's storeroom measures 11ft by 7ft and has a cupboard place for a shower and kitchenette area.

It comes with its own rubble and a glowing recommendation from the estate agent who calls it incredibly depressing.

Oh and it has no lights. It's the kind of place that former dictators hide in before being dragged out, sham trialed and hung - a place for movers and swingers then.

Ok we jest. It's ridiculous.

Nevertheless, the flat is expected to attract buyers due to its close proximity to the fashionable bars, shops and leisure facilities of Kensington and Chelsea.

Maybe it's all about how you look at it. You could fit diddy Tom Cruise in there easily and if a closet is good enough for Tom who are we to argue?

Last Updated 22 January 2007