Baby, Don't Let Him Waste Your Time

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Baby, Don't Let Him Waste Your Time

Not sure this was what Jarvis was singing about, but how much extra work do you do for free? It turns out that Londoners work an extra seven hours or so a week more than they should:

A total of 709,492 Londoners do an average of 7 hours 36 minutes extra each week, worth £135.96. Over a year, that adds up to £7,070 per person - totalling more than half a billion pounds across the region. Still, the city's residents have somewhat improved their work-life balance, as their unpaid overtime has dropped by 36 minutes over the last year.

How many of those hours are spent making up for time wasted on the Internet though eh? We know some people who run entire websites while they should be really paying attention to powerpoint presentations. But it would be un-British to look at it that way. Best to think that the bastards owe us a LOT of stationery.

Someone put their excel spreadsheet to good use and let us know just how many post it notes a week we need to liberate to make up the £135.96 we are owed.

Post-It Note Jaguar set by Scott Ableman

Last Updated 05 January 2007