Alright kids, Goodfinger tonight!

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Alright kids, Goodfinger tonight!

We can't ignore a band with a lead singer called Scrappy Calloway and it's a bonus that we fell in love with her voice the second we heard it. Goodfinger from New York play Bar Rumba tonight and we're going to go along to see if the band deliver the goods live as they do on MySpace and ReverbNation.

Tom Verlaine from Television called them "The future of New York music" while Sleazegrinder summed them up thus:

New York cool fairly drips off this five song EP by Goodfinger, a psyche-tinged lounge n roll outfit consisting of an ex-Underneath What drummer, two chain-smoking hipsters and a sultry front fox who sounds like some slinky French crooner from the 60 s, only not as old and...not French. To be honest, their sound is fresh enough that no easy comparisons come to mind, except maybe for the dark pop melancholy of Manic Street Preachers and the breezy future-rock of Transvision Vamp mixed with bright, brash 70 s AM radio gloss. It s very sexy stuff, the perfect soundtrack for intercontinental non-stop flights with coke snorting supermodels on board and a Martini shaker in the briefcase. Closer "I Know I Know You" is the closest thing they ve got to a straight ahead rock song, the rest float on a bed of fizzy bubbles, with "Radio Perfecto" reaching deepest into the pleasure centers. Classy stuff.

There's only a short snippet of Goodfinger on YouTube at the moment. Expect that to change soon. Radio Perfecto is a killer song.

Goodfinger play Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftsbury Ave tonight at 10 and then The MacBeth, 70 Hoxton Sq. on Friday. See you there!

Last Updated 17 January 2007