7 Seconds of Love vs Coca Cola

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7 Seconds of Love vs Coca Cola

There are some words together that you just don't expect to see in The Times. Dancing cat and ninja for example.

An unsigned London Ska band who created a cult internet music video featuring a dancing cat dressed as a ninja is considering legal action against Coca-Cola after accusing the soft drink giant of copying their idea in a television commercial. Seven Seconds of Love claim the advert, which aired in Argentina, resembles the animated video they created to accompany their single Ninja, and that the music played in the advert also sounds like their work.

This has everything to do with Joel from RatherGood. In fact you can watch him on the news here:

It's SKY so they pull in all the experts including a sheriff.

Expect a rash of anti-coke pro-kitten videos to follow...

Last Updated 03 January 2007