Webby Night Party

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Webby Night Party

Londonist went along to the Webby Night Party at the ICA last night. Hailed as the Oscars of the Internet by The New York Times and one of the most prestigious awards in the world by the BBC, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honouring excellence on the Internet - last night's shindig was to celebrate the most important and exciting year in the UK internet to date. It was also a chance to drink a lot of free vodka - of course we were there.

Any kind of invitation-only London media event is always in danger of turning into a backslapping reach around wank fest, but thankfully the folks on stage were self-deprecating enough to keep things genuinely interesting - the fact that they brought pornography and kittens with them also helped. After all those are the two driving forces that fuel the Internet. Along with pirates and Ninja.

It was also strange to bump into people you are more used to seeing as a small jpeg tucked away on an ABOUT page. But that was the point of the evening really, to show some of the faces behind the Internet's success stories.

First on stage were Shooting People and we were keen to hear how they had grown from a small email newsletter to a real player in the independent film making world. Our patience with powerpoint was rewarded with a short film that involved nudity, sperm and a lot of blood. That was fine because we were at the ICA - you can get away with that kind of thing in the name of art.

Next up was Joel Veitch from Rather Good. If anyone has shown the way for nerds to take what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms onto a global stage (via a longboat filled with Viking Kittens) then it's Joel. We shot a little piece of Joel's presentation because we don't think it's fair that we get all the fun. Here's how he followed up We Like The Moon:

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The best thing is obviously how much of a kick he still gets out of his own work. Please swing by and check out Tommy's 12 Days of Christmas - it's stupid, funny, features The Hoff and Ricky Gervais’ cat - as well as being created for charity.

The evening was rounded off by Regine from We Make Money Not Art sharing some of her favourite pieces of design from the last year or so. This presentation especially helped reinforce the idea that often it only takes one person or a small group of like minded individuals with the drive to carve out a little piece of the Internet for themselves.

You can read all about The Webby Awards here. All you need to do to be a contender next year is a little piece of the Internet and an idea or two...

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Everyone else I knew thought that it was a very badly organised night and had nothing to do with what it was supposed to say. Also Shooting People spent the whole time slapping their backs and talking about how great they were instead of talking about how they use the web. They were the worse thing about the night!


Hey Roxane,

Well what we liked about it was that it was an attempt to get members of the community together face to face. Sadly there wasn't enough mingling although I did get to play hipster and throw out a handful of moo cards as the night went on :) Before and after the stuff on stage the music kind of got in the way of the conversation too, but as a website that's keen to expand our own events next year it was a valuable learning experience and we appreciate the headaches that Nic from PokeLondon must have gone through putting it all together.

I honestly think that Shooting People were played a bad hand. If anything they were just too eager and maybe a little excited at having the stage. When that one person heckled there were a lot more people asking them to continue. I would have liked to see more of their members work though - perhaps in retrospect a simple trailer reel would have worked better.

It'd be nice if everyone involved had a dedicated PR team to set this kind of thing up to ensure that everything ran smoothly, but for a bunch of people creating something out of their bedrooms I don't think it went too badly. We also want to encourage more of this kind of thing - the more we get together (with the readers too) the more we can learn from each other.

Also we are a sucker for free vodka. Drop me a line (mikesizemore @ gmail dot com) and I'll make sure you get invited to our first event of 2007. Knowing us we'll burn the place down...