Wanna bet?

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Wanna bet?

What's more boring than talking about the weather? Betting on it:

Totesport, which has come up with a series of "global warming wagers", is also offering odds of 50-1 that the Thames Barrier will be breached over the next decade.The company, which thought up the bets with the help of former BBC weatherman John Kettley, is offering odds of 4-1 that 2007 will be the hottest year on record. Totesport spokesman Damian Walker said: "Global warming has led to so many long-standing weather records being broken and we've been inundated with requests for unusual weather bets for 2007.

Unusual weather bets. The sooner the government takes enough back handers to build a series of super casinos to house these idiots the better. In the meantime here are five more London related bets you may want to take a flutter on:

1000-1 that the New Improved Fathers 4 Justice pull a giant condom over the Gherkin to celebrate their 20/20 hindsight.

100-1 that Ken Livingstone will write a column for The Evening Standard entitled The Enemy Within.

50-1 that Urban fox hunting becomes the next big thing thanks to Madge and Guy catching and gutting one on Bermondsey Street.

25-1 that Traffic becomes so slow that estate agents offer to rent out your back seat as a short term lease for students.

Evens that the Di Aid concert turns out to be worse than anyone feared, but makes enough money for it to become a regular event (without the need for more Royal deaths).

Last Updated 29 December 2006