Touch Up London: The Reckoning

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Touch Up London: The Reckoning

Week by week, we've been building up quite a collection of weird and distorted London imagery as part of our Touch Up London series. You know, the weekly slot where readers photoshop images of London, hopefully to a more impressive standard than the Tate penis we use to advertise the column. Hilarity occasionally ensues.

As a bit of Christmas fun, we'd like you to vote for your favourite image of the year. Simply click here for the archive, scroll through the 26 images, and click 'recommend this' for all the image(s) you like. We'll then announce the winner at the start of January, and award a small prize to whoever sent us the victorious miscreation.

And keep sending those images in (londonist - at - gmail - dot - com). We're going to keep the column going in 2007.

Last Updated 24 December 2006