The London Job

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The London Job

We just apologised to LA for sending Jason Statham their way only for him to turn up here again:

Hollywood hardman Jason Statham shivered through filming on a chilly East London film set. Crews transformed the cobbled Hoxton street, running next to the arches of a railway line, into a 1970s period set for Baker Street, based on the true story of the 1971 Baker Street bank robbery. The Lloyds Bank raid was hushed up for 30 years by MI5 and no arrests have ever been made, or money ever recovered. Statham, pictured in a polo neck and grey overcoat, is co-starring with Saffron Burrows.

Turns out all you need is a little celebrity and a pair of legs to get work halted on the tube:

The Site Manager, who gave his name as Joe, said: "I've agreed with the crew to stop all of the heavy machinery during filming, which isn't a problem. "Who's ever had a problem with working less? You get a great view of the set on the railway lines, and I've got no complaints about seeing Saffron Burrows in a short skirt."

We hope Joe and his crew get a special thank you in the credits. Oh, and sacked.

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What miserable bastard wrote this - if you are going to post something on the internet don't bother unless you can work up at least a modium of enthusiasm !


Modium? Is that like a really up to date podium?

If you meant modicum of enthusiasm then what exactly should I be the least bit enthused about? That an idiot is making another film for idiots or that another bunch of idiots put said film before their job?

Oh and that miserable bastard would be me. The clue is in the line 'Posted by Mike'.

Nothing like putting your name to something is there, anon?