The (advertising) Army of the 12 Monkeys

By sizemore Last edited 147 months ago
The (advertising) Army of the 12 Monkeys

Welcome to the future of London advertising: damn dirty apes:

The7stars and outdoor media buyer Kinetic have partnered to provide 2.5m high backlit posters strapped to people's backs in a central London campaign for whisky brand Monkey Shoulder. The Moving Board mobile posters have been brought to the UK by a new company called Ambient Advertising UK. The posters are carried like a backpack by trained promotional staff and reach a height of 2.5m. Monkey Shoulder have dressed staff in suits and monkey masks and briefed them to move around central London near retail locations where the whisky is on sale, such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Sounds like another reason to avoid Selfridges and Harvey Nichols then.

If anyone spots these poor bastards please stop and let them know of any jobs going with your company. There has to be a better way to make a living...

Last Updated 14 December 2006