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This story from Middle East Online is worth a post simply to show the photograph of our PM scurrying back onto BlairForceOne like he suddenly remembered he left the gas on.

Not only do observers believe the prime minister's stock is damaged at home due to the war in Iraq, they find the conflict and his close alignment with the United States have harmed his reputation in the Middle East. Add to that the lack of specific details about what was discussed to help improve the deadlocked Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the question could be — and indeed at one point was — asked: what was the point of the trip? Blair's office repeatedly stressed that the visit to Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, the Palestinian territories and the United Arab Emirates was for him to assess those countries' views on the Middle East situation.

Can someone buy the Blairs a telephone for Christmas please.

Tony: Hello, is that the Middle East?

Middle East: Yes, who's calling please.

Tony: Ha ha you're so funny. I was wondering how everything was.

Middle East: Well everything's pretty much the same. Fucked.

"Political sources in Jerusalem last night did not attribute any special significance to Blair's visit, and noted that the British leader travels abroad often because of domestic weakness,"

Now you mention it if you look at that photo closely he does seem to have a bit of weakness around the domestics. A telephone and a truss please Santa.

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