Protecting the Tube

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Protecting the Tube

Shadow Homeland Security Minister Patrick Mercer reckons the government have done not a lot to make the tube less vulnerable to attack:

"The Government is hugely complacent about Tube safety and security. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, when he was detained by the Americans four years ago, said that one of his principal targets was the London Underground, and that has been clear for years. Since then, we have had a successful attack that killed 52 and injured about 700; we have had an attempted attack that failed on July 21; and we have almost certainly had foiled attacks as well."

So far so history lesson. What exactly is anyone supposed to do to make a system designed to be easy to use for the capital's inhabitants difficult for would be terrorists? Well Mercer points to the lack of signs. So if Cameron and company get in can we expect a rash of stern posters asking people to kindly refrain from exploding?

It seems a pretty tall order to come up with a simple warning sign that covers all possible types of terrorist attack. While a more complicated banner above the seats that warned about all the potential threats (explosions, gas attacks, stabbings, tube floodings, radiation poisoning, chap needing that last 75p to ensure a bed for the night) would require a designer on a par with Harry Beck.

Perhaps the government can run a design competition in the new year.

Last Updated 20 December 2006