Our running around is through...

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Our running around is through...

We haven't really gone to town on the radioactive Russian story in the way that the media are foaming at the mouth over each new discovery of polonium-210 and just how involved the Russian government could be. It's not that we don't want to help create a panic over eating sushi (because we quite like that idea) or map each hotspot (we'll get around to that), it's just that using toxic isotopes isn't very From Russia With Love is it?

Dagger shoes we'd get excited about. A poisoned blade concealed within your footwear is so much more dapper than the Homer Simpson approach to assassination. Of course the real way to get us wet for spy on spy action is a good old fashioned watch garroting. Preferably carried out by a blonde Robert Shaw.

Leaving your gunk all over London like crumpled tissues on a teenager's bedroom floor isn't the least bit sophisticated. With the new Bond film doing such a good job of restarting the franchise it isn't too much to ask the real secret service types to up their game accordingly.

So none of this radiation nonsense in 2007 thank you very much. Unless of course it has something to do with a secret base under Canary Wharf.

Last Updated 05 December 2006