Londonist is Changing

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Londonist is Changing

We've had the same look for quite some time so the new layout may take a little getting used to. We'll do our best to iron out any wrinkles over the next day or so, but if something is just plain broken let us know in the comments below and we'll do our best to get it fixed.

Sad to say that despite our regeneration we still can't make Torchwood any good.

Last Updated 03 December 2006


Torchwood is great, dweebhead!

Edwin Lyons

Yes, Torchwood is great, and I'm not to keen on the new layout. The white boxes are rather disconcerting, the white bar across the top looks wrong too... The random wasted space down the right looks odd as well... Left sides ok though :)

Fi Craig

I don't hate the new look (faint praise, I know) but I am not too keen on the washed-out green colour you have chosen for the background.

On the other hand, I do like Torchwood, so there!


Yeah we do seem to be having some odd colour issues depending on your operating system and browser. We'll look into that.

Any white space at the side can be used by readers to make notes - remember to use a non-permanent marker.

Torchwood - c'mon! Are we watching the same show? Tall idiot with a girl's gun standing on top of buildings like a pigeon? Bunch of bad actors recreating their favourite scenes from Angel/X-Files/Unbreakable/whatever was on the Sci-Fi channel last week? Ick. Go buy Ch4's 'Ultraviolet' on DVD and see how British genre TV should be done.

Edwin Lyons

Torchwood is not the best program ever, but its still good fun. I've got enough time on my hands to watch things that aren't The Best.

Talking of good programs - Heroes (on BBC2 at some point I think, out in the states now) is good :)


Now I know that you are being paid by Rob to say these things. Heroes is even more horrible than Lost. Not as bad as Torchwood or Jericho, but still swill :)

Now Battlestar Galactica, that's a show.


Boo, why are Londonist's images suddenly so massive and the text columns so wide? It makes everything harder to read.

And why does half the main page now have random scroll bars in it as though it's made up of frames?



Sorry Dan! The extra space is new to us too and we're still figuring out the best way to use it.

The scroll bars popped up because we attempted to size some images at a whopping 666, but we can see now that that isn't going to work (sorry Satan!).

We'll hopefully iron out the rest of the kinks this week. Thanks for sticking with us while we have the scaffolding up.


the number of the beast is actually 616 - at least according to QI last week.
Like the new look, agnostic on Torchwood, hated Ultraviolet


the post entitled "Londonist Live: Robyn @ Hoxton Bar & Grill: 1/12/06" has a weird horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of it..


Cheers suz - looks like the photo was a tad ambitious for the new layout. I'll try and fix it now.


Heroes is genius - Ed is my new best mate.


QI is the tv version of wikipedia, in that in always sounds plausabile but often is just slightly wrong. Or completely wrong. It's still good fun though even if it does get me angry. Anyway, the number of the beast is 666 in most old manuscripts of the book of Revelation. It's 616 in a few (3 or 4 reputable ones in comparison to 11 or so for 666). Anyway, this is noted in a footnote of pretty much every new bible translation.

Also, Torchwood is average. Some Guardian writer put it the best when he said it needed to make up it's mind as to whether it was the X-Files or Holyoaks Uncut. Now Buffy, that was a real TV show.


Cheers for clearing that up Mark. In return I'll let you into a little bit of Londonist trivia. We have a little forum stashed away over on the dark side of the blogosphere where we natter about what the hell it is we're supposed to be doing and how we can learn from all the terrible mistakes we make. My avatar on this forum is Willow being given a good neck licking from her own vampiric doppelganger. Now I'm told that this little piece of animated high art is distracting for my fellow Londonists and that I should replace it with something less stimulating. You see now what kind of people I have to work with.

If anyone can think of an avatar that would prove even more annoying I'll be happy to use it.


As a 35 year old I beleive torchwood is pretty naff compared to other stuff that is out there at the moment although it has potential to become better however, i beleive the intended audience is more towards to teenagers rather than adults. my teenage daughter loves it, although i beleive it is more to with the crush on Captain Jack rather than the storyline! oh and the layout, its ok but that big white empty space on the right hand side needs filling!!


Anything with Riley in it. Damn Riley.


Riley? Why are we talking about Riley? He ruined everything.

Plus I fancy Ianto not Captain Jack.


could we perhaps have timestamps back on the bottom of posts, please?


But then you'd be able to pinpoint all the times we forget to blog and end up writing 15 posts at two minutes to midnight while intoxicated.