Dress You Up (cruelty remix)

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Dress You Up (cruelty remix)

The holy trinity of Madge/Esther/Madonna was back in the papers today after she wandered out of a Mayfair restaurant covered in little dead animals:

Madonna has outraged animal rights groups by wearing a fur coat made from the skins of 40 chinchillas... since she became a full-time resident in Britain, Madonna has taken shooting lessons at her country estate, and her husband is a keen follower of blood sports.

£35,000 for a coat seems like a lot of money until you remember how much money Guy wastes on his movies - he inflicted more pain and suffering with one Revolver than Madge could manage with an axe in a room full of kittens.

If we were cynical we'd bet this was a well thought out move to get herself back in the press in another attempt to keep up with the younger, stupider generation. If Britney can get all that attention without any fur at all then thank Christ Madonna went for the polar opposite move.

Did anyone bother to check exactly WHY Madonna was keen to 'adopt' an African baby?

If next year she suddenly starts wearing a weird hat with little arms someone should probably have a word...


Last Updated 08 December 2006