Clangers to fight Guerrilla War in 2020

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Clangers to fight Guerrilla War in 2020

The Americans are going back to the moon and this time they want to stay:

US space agency Nasa has said it plans to start work on a permanently-occupied base on the Moon after astronauts begin flying back there in 2020. The base is likely to be built on one of the Moon's poles and will serve as a science centre and possible stepping stone for manned missions to Mars.

Exciting stuff. Shouldn't effect us down here too much unless someone decides to help fund things up there with a little advertising ala KFC (that made us throw up into our mouths a little too).

But even with the best of intentions it is going to be a little disconcerting having them up there all the time... doing stuff. Londonist would like to suggest that an international crew be assigned to the task. Command would of course fall to the Americans, preferably someone with a background in such impossible missions, while we feel any seat-of-your-pants flying should be done by Australians. Which would leave us Brits to deal with all the sciencey stuff and zero gravity experiments with facial hair.

Then all you'd need is a kick ass theme tune:

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Will Blair/Brown/whoever be asking for some return kickbacks for all our help with the War on Terror? Wembley may well be finished by 2020 so we'll have some first rate contractors looking for work...

Last Updated 05 December 2006